Getting Back on Track

The Journey: Correcting Modernization Missteps

BizAnalytica can parachute in at any step in your data modernization journey to provide expert support and guidance.

Getting off track along the way in your data modernization journey can create dramatic deployment delays and cost overruns. Sometimes, you need a hero on your journey.

BizAnalytica is perfectly positioned to save your business time, money, and stress while it gets you bac on the path to becoming a truly data-driven organization.

Our Engagement Model: You Are Here

A workshop to understand your current data infrastructure and explore potential paths for modernization.
Strategy Selection
A defined strategy and roadmap that maps your data modernization path to clear business goals.
Proof of Concept
Ensure data strategy and design works with your infrastructure as well as validate technology selections, time to market and ROI expectations.
Design & Development
Implementation, including data migration to the cloud, building your data lakehouse, and creation of dashboards and reporting.
Modify strategy based and effective full production. Provide recommendations to ensure your modernized data environment remains competitive.

We partner with and are certified experts in best-in-class technologies.

How Do You Know If Your Modernization Strategy Is Getting Off-Track?

Key to Success: An estimated $3.1 Trillion of America's GDP is lost due to bad data and 1 in 3 business leaders don't trust their own data.

Multiple deadlines are missed

Unexpected cost overruns

Switching technologies mid-stream

Use cases don’t cover all business goals

Key project team members/leads resign

End-result expectations are changed/lowered

Key project team members/leads resign

Trailing competitors pull in front of you

At the end of this journey, you’ll be back on your intended strategy roadmap or have a realistic rework of said roadmap to accomplish your goals.