Resources to Help You in Your Data Journey

The road to becoming a modern data-driven company is often fraught with obstacles and detours. To help guide executives toward success, BizAnalytica consultants regularly produce a range of education resources.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key skills your company offers to clients?Our expertise is in providing both strategic direction and hands-on implementation of modern, cloud-based (AWS and Azure) data infrastructures, with technical depth in Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Databricks.

Are you a software company?
We are a services company with proprietary processes and software tools to maximize your data infrastructure investments (i.e., Snowflake, Databricks, Amazon Redshift, Tableau, PowerBI, Hadoop, and others). 

Are you vendor agnostic?
We are a vendor agnostic services provider. We work with your existing technology infrastructure and make recommendations for investments that are best suited for your current environment and your future goals.

Can you help us with other technologies/partners that are listed on your website?
Absolutely. Our team has deep expertise and years of experience in the technologies we cite, and we are constantly learning new technologies to ensure our clients have a truly modernized and high-functioning data infrastructure.

We offer a variety of services that can be customized to meet your data team’s specific implementation and support needs.

What differentiates your company from your competitors?
The key reasons clients choose to work with BizAnalytica:

  • Strategic insights: We align your data modernization efforts with your business goals, ensuring your investments have a tangible ROI.
  • Technology expertise: Certified experience across all the significant data tools, deep industry knowledge, and highly experienced people, including one of the creators of Amazon Redshift.
  • Proprietary tools: Our proprietary technology, called Lightbeam, drives higher efficiency and maximizes the value of your Snowflake investment.
  • Cloud experience: On average, our team members have over 10 years of experience working with cloud-based technologies (AWS, Azure, GCP).
  • Visibility and ROI: Clients maximize their investments in Snowflake, saving money and gaining efficiencies, with our proprietary tools. 
  • Higher productivity, more speed, smarter decision-making: Our customer base is consistently satisfied with the results they gain by working with our team. 

What value would you bring to my initiatives?
Our team will accelerate your time to market and time to value by bringing expertise and experience into your data modernization initiatives. These benefits will save your organization money, drive efficiency and increase productivity for your data team.

How many partners do you have?
We work with three strategic partners: Snowflake, Databricks, and AWS.  We also work closely with other data tools, such as Tableau, PowerBI, Hadoop, Jupyter and Looker, and are experienced with AWS, Azure and GCP cloud technologies.

What kind of managed services and support do you offer?
We provide follow-the-sun support services and managed services to ensure your data environment is continuously supporting your business. We also offer Concierge Services, our customized strategic advisory support to help your in-house team maximize your technology stack and ROI.