Whether as a consultant, team supplement, or the driver of full program implementation, BizAnalytica helps enterprises unlock the full potential of your enterprise data.

Data Analytics & Modernization Strategy

Make ‘Data-Driven’ More than a Buzzword

Becoming a truly data-driven enterprise requires a strategic and cultural focus across the company, including buy-in from executives, departments, and people.

BizAnalytica has helped Fortune 500 and mid-market organizations formulate and implement Enterprise Data Management (EDM) strategies that create confidence and trust in mission-critical data.

  • Break down legacy data siloes.
  • Ensure clean, consistent data across the enterprise.
  • Reduce operational risk and empower decision-making.

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Clearing a Path for the Enterprise

BizAnalytica works closely with you and your team to develop:

  • Full End User Requirements
  • An Accurate Infrastructure Inventory
  • A Comprehensive Data Model
  • Corresponding Policies & Metadata Maps

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Modern Data Lakehouse

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Enterprise Data

A modern data lakehouse is the ultimate goal in any smart data transformation initiative, and cloud computing is the cornerstone  supporting your new infrastructure. BizAnalytica partners with key technology and cloud providers such as Snowflake, AWS, Databricks and Microsoft.

  • Develop a comprehensive and customized modern data lakehouse.
  • Migrate enterprise data to the cloud from legacy systems.
  • Integrate with key technologies to ensure optimization of data.

BizAnalytica Works with Leading Technology Providers

Access expert support for any stage of your data modernization journey

Roadblocks in the Cloud

BizAnalytica can assist you in every step of data modernization:

  • Move data to the cloud or across clouds
  • Architect and/or engineer cloud applications
  • Launch SaaS, IaaS or PaaS solutions
  • Automate workflows & reduce manual processes
  • Monitor or fully maintain your cloud infrastructure

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Data Governance

Design the Processes and Framework to Manage, Utilize and Protect Your Data

In today’s age of heightened data security, it’s critical to have a data governance strategy supported by tight processes and procedures that allow you to extract meaningful information from your data and guarantee it’s protection from bad actors.

  • Develop a comprehensive data governance strategy.
  • Implement best practices to adhere with government and industry compliance and regulations.
  • Structure safe pathways to access data across siloes for business intelligence.

Following the audit trail for a global asset management firm

Access expert support for any stage of your data modernization journey

Getting Back on Track

BizAnalytica can ensure your data is protected and organized to meet business needs: 

  • Catalog, group and grade data sources
  • Establish enterprise-level protocols to curate data
  • Confirm data lineage and quality

See how we help organizations across all in industries rein in costs and complexities.


Data Analytics & Business Intelligence

Turn Analytics into an Innovation Driver

The end-goal of an effective enterprise data management strategy is to drive optimized data science and analytics operations to reveal opportunities for innovation.

  • Drive corporate decisions with ad hoc data exploration.
  • Build new, actionable forecasting and analytics models.
  • Identify insights and test against established and proven queries.


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Navigating the Forest of Analytics

The BizAnalytica team has deep software development experience and expertise in:

  • Machine learning
  • Apache Hadoop, Java & Python software libraries
  • Object-oriented programming

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Support & Managed Services

Put Your Data Transformation in Trusted Hands

Your company may have strong data science talent, but they likely have only worked on individual elements of a transformation project or completed very few projects end-to-end. BizAnalytica Support & Managed Services lets you leverage the power of decades of experience and dozens of successful full program implementations.

  • Access unparalleled data management expertise and advisory services customized to your business needs.
  • Unlock the power of new tools like Databricks, Snowflake, and Amazon Redshift.
  • Maintain data quality and reliability across the enterprise.
  • Optimize advanced analytics and data science to drive decisions.
  • Upgrade legacy reporting with sleek, modern business intelligence reporting.
  • Leverage affordable, follow-the-sun support for your data infrastructure requirements.

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With Managed Services, BizAnalytica’s expert consultants partner closely with you to:

  • Develop a complete data strategy based on proven methodologies
  • Build, test, and validate your company’s strategy in concept
  • Make it work through rigorous implementation and effective workflows

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