Crossing the Data Lake

The Journey: Building a Modern Data Warehouse

BizAnalytica has modernized over 3 petabyes of data for F1000 clients

To start creating a data lake and making sure that different data sets are added consistently over long periods of time requires a process and automation, which requires specialized expertise.

BizAnalytica helps enterprises to build a world-class data lakehouse that delivers agility and scalability in a secure cloud environment, with predictable costs and timelines.  Our consultants are experts in AWS, Azure, Databricks, Snowflake and AWS Redshift data warehouses.

Our Engagement Model: You Are Here

A workshop to understand your current data infrastructure and explore potential paths for modernization.
Strategy Selection
A defined strategy and roadmap that maps your data modernization path to clear business goals.
Proof of Concept
Ensure data strategy and design works with your infrastructure as well as validate technology selections, time to market and ROI expectations.
Design & Development
Implementation, including data migration to the cloud, building your data lakehouse, and creation of dashboards and reporting.

We partner with best-in-class technologies to deliver a reliable, scalable, and secure data lakehouse.

When designing your data lake, we:

Focus first and always on business objectives

Ensure it can deliver business-ready data

Design for data protection and security

Leverage cloud and automation technologies

When building your data lake, we:

Identify each required data source

Ingest data from those desired sources

Validate, clean, and integrate data to ensure quality

Apply data governance and security protocols for peak performance

Set up data science and analytics tools for visualizations, reports, and analysis

Key to Success: By 2023, more than one-third of large organizations will have analysts practicing the discipline of decision intelligence, which includes decision modeling.
- Gartner

At the end of this journey, you’ll have consolidated siloed data to improve operational efficiencies and cost management.