Navigating the Forest of Analytics

The Journey: Power Decisions with Accurate Analysis

BizAnalytica helps clients achieve an average query response time of less than 15 seconds on 1.5 PB of a single cloud database instance

When getting to the step of turning data into insight, there are myriad choices for technologies, methodologies, and solutions. It can be overwhelming and easy to make a poor selection during this final stage of data modernization.

BizAnalytica is perfectly positioned to save your business time, money, and stress while it gets you bac on the path to becoming a truly data-driven organization.

Our Engagement Model: You Are Here

A workshop to understand your current data infrastructure and explore potential paths for modernization.
Strategy Selection
A defined strategy and roadmap that maps your data modernization path to clear business goals.
Proof of Concept
Ensure data strategy and design works with your infrastructure as well as validate technology selections, time to market and ROI expectations.
Design & Development
Implementation, including data migration to the cloud, building your data lakehouse, and creation of dashboards and reporting.
Modify strategy and implementation approach based on learnings from POC and launch into full production. Provide recommendations to ensure your modernized data environment maintains a competitive advantage.

With deep expertise working with best-in-class analytics tools:

Our process of support your data science and analytics needs includes:

Business Understanding

Asking relevant questions and defining objectives

Data Acquisition & Understanding

Access data from sources, clean up data inconsistencies and missing data

Feature Engineering

Select important features and construct more meaningful ones in the raw data


Train machine learning models and algorithms, validate reports


Interpretation, visualization, and performance monitoring

With metrics and information, you can:

  • Challenge your staff to adopt best practices
  • Quickly identify issues that matter
  • Empower management to make data-driven decisions
  • Take action based on data
  • Identify new market opportunities as well as threats early

With metrics and information, you can leverage reports such as:

  • Revenue forecasting
  • Customer behavior analysis
  • Inventory management
  • AR/cash flow analysis
  • Operational and process efficiency
  • Customer satisfaction and loyalty data

Key to Success: Democratization of data: According to a recent Harvard Business Review and Google Cloud survey: 97% believe organization-wide access to data and analytics is critical to the success of their business. However, only 60% believe their organizations are effectively distributing that access today.
- HBR/Google

At the end of this journey, you’ll be able turn data inputs into actionable insights to support business decisions.