Why BizAnalytica Is Joining Mastek: An Important Update for Our Valued Customers and Dedicated Employees

To Our Esteemed Community,

We, the founders, at BizAnalytica wish to communicate with transparency and sincerity about our recent decision to become a part of the Mastek family. Understanding the potential questions and concerns that might arise from this pivotal transition, our commitment has always been to serve you to the best of our ability and to maintain the trust you’ve placed in us. It is in this spirit that we share the reasons behind our decision and the anticipated benefits for our beloved customers and hardworking employees.

  1. Accelerated Growth and Innovation: Joining forces with Mastek provides the necessary resources to drive faster innovation, expand our product or service line, and reach more customers. This translates to better products, services, and experiences for you.
  2. Sustainability: In the rapidly evolving business landscape, it’s essential to adapt and make strategic choices for the long-term viability of the company. With Mastek’s prowess, BizAnalytica’s legacy is ensured a continued and expansive presence.
  3. Expanding Opportunities for Employees: Being under the Mastek umbrella means more resources, training, and growth opportunities for our team. This move is not just about BizAnalytica’s future, but also about providing our employees with a broader platform to shine and advance in their careers.
  4. Consistent Value: For our customers, while there might be a shift in leadership, the core value proposition you’ve come to rely on will not change. In fact, with enhanced resources from Mastek, we aim to offer even more.
  5. Embracing New Beginnings: Every business has a life cycle, and sometimes, to truly realize its potential, it requires a fresh perspective. This transition to Mastek is our new chapter, one we believe will be filled with renewed vigor, innovation, and success.

In closing, we at BizAnalytica want to express our deepest gratitude for the trust and support you’ve shown over the years. Change, while inevitable, is often accompanied by apprehension. We assure you that this decision was made after careful deliberation, keeping in mind the best interests of our customers, employees, and the future of BizAnalytica.

Thank you for being a part of our journey. We look forward to the new horizons with Mastek and hope you’ll continue to be a part of this exciting chapter.

Lokesh Khosla

Co-founder and CTO, BizAnalytica