At the Trailhead to Data Driven

The Journey: Day One, Step One

Of organizations believe data should drive all business decisions
- Ernst & Young

Going It Alone is Mistake #1

Step one is always the hardest step of any journey. That’s especially true when creating and implementing an effective data modernization strategy for a legacy organization.

BizAnalytica has deep experience helping enterprises formulate, optimize, and implement data modernization strategies, whether that be as an auditor, the project manager, or an end-to-end managed service.

Our Engagement Model: You Are Here

A workshop to understand your current data infrastructure and explore potential paths for modernization.
Strategy Selection
A defined strategy and roadmap that maps your data modernization path to clear business goals.

It all starts with determining where you are and where you want to go.

Map current-state environment & define business goals

  • Visualization of available data sources
  • Desired business outcomes

We identify and focus on the three most critical data use cases on which to model your strategy.

Define platform requirements

  • Appropriate data sources
  • Data hub / data lake architecture
  • Analytics

Avoid wasting resources working with the wrong types of data.

Next, we help you select a data strategy best suited for your abilities, needs, and budget.

Identify requirements for continuous ROI

  • Automation and repeatable processes
  • Support model (i.e., proven data strategy)

Focus on key target outcomes

  • Speed to market
  • Access to data
  • Democratization of data for end users

Finally, we map out exactly how to get your organization to a truly data-driven existence.

Create a realistic roadmap with key success milestones

  • Establish data governance
  • Identify best technologies for strategy

This part of or your journey ends with the data strategy that best supports your business goals.