BizAnalytica and Snowflake Partner for Services

BizAnalytica, an industry-leading provider of data management services, announced it is expanding its service partnership with Snowflake, the cloud data platform. At a time of accelerating digital transformation in the market, BizAnalytica has been increasingly implementing and migrating data to Snowflake’s Cloud Data Warehouse as part of its suite of services, earning it the Select Business Partner designation. Companies engage BizAnalytica to develop their enterprise data management strategy, accelerate cloud adoption, and become more data-centric. The Firm’s holistic approach helps clients accelerate their digital transformation journey through a service delivery approach. Using extensive libraries of pre-built modules and a team of SnowPro Advanced Architects, BizAnalytica can rapidly design, build, test and deploy complex Snowflake data warehouse and data lake environments. This approach eliminates bottlenecks caused by data silos and addresses concerns like privacy, security, compliance, ownership, and performance questions tied to cloud adoption. “Snowflake fits perfectly into our solutions line up. Snowflake is a perfect fit for the customer looking for a faster time to production and the flexibility to load data from different sources. The team loves working with the product.” said Lokesh Khosla, co-founder & chief architect at BizAnalytica. “With a faster time-to-value than traditional data warehouses, and coupled with our confidence in the product, we find the business case for Snowflake to be compelling. We are pleased to be Snowflake partners.” About BizAnalytica BizAnalytica is an industry-leading provider of data management services. We specialize in helping our customers accelerate and achieve exceptional business outcomes by transforming, simplifying, integrating, and managing their cloud and data technologies. Our core competency is delivering best-in-class custom cloud and data projects for clients who have limited staff expertise or require additional resources. BizAnalytica offers a full range of professional and managed cloud and data services, including architectural design, system integration, data migration, automation, management, and analytics. Our company serves large enterprises and growing businesses in North America from its headquarters in the greater Boston area with regional offices in San Francisco, Delhi, and Bangalore, India. Learn more about BizAnalytica’s services by visiting