Fireside Chat with Putnam Investments

At Putnam Investments, analyzing data is essential for them and their clients. With increased demand for information, Putnam started to face challenges with its on-premises Hadoop environment.

Putnam embarked on a cloud journey to modernize its data environment, enhance performance, eliminate duplicate data and empower users with better metrics.

In this webinar, learn how Putnam leverages Snowflake with BizAnalytica’s technical consulting to deploy a scalable and agile solution to enable sustainable business growth and profitability by capturing efficiencies through improved data. In just 60 days, Putnam’s migration was wholly transformed to a point where the data architecture team was able to support an acceleration in analytics processes using self service model for business teams and leveraging snowflake data store to exchange the data.

In this fireside chat with Joann Tobin, learn how Putnam:

  • Decided to migrate to Snowflake – Worked with BizAnalytica to accelerate migration with Python-based, self-service utilities and the benefits Putnam has achieved since the transformation
  • Plans to adopt the Snowflake platform for more applications
  • Utilizes analytics to provide deeper insight and value to the business

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